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The future of education

Education is fast evolving in the modern times. The evolution is not limited to the mode of learning but the relevance of the programs. A bad choice of program can lead to joblessness.

confused cat
Current education trends can lead to confusion

A big question, and one that many recent high school graduates must consider critically. Sometimes, critical consideration means listening to world news and observing the trends with a sight towards the future. In a fast-changing world, it is imperative to know what course to choose to be competitive in a global sense. The right choice of course in the university can be of immense help to your future. I must also admit, sometimes there is absolutely no correlation between university studies and future job :). There're many courses in the universities that are unfortunately running out of significance. Similarly, there're many jobs that are increasingly losing importance. The global financial crisis that occurred a decade ago revolutionized the world in terms of technological advancements and policy-making. Forbes and Business Insider in recent times have reported of jobs that are now obsolete and jobs that'll soon be obsolete. How will a job become obsolete? Think of postmasters, phone operators, or may be your current job :). #robotsarecoming

The future of the world is automation and self-diagnostics. The rise of machines, digitization, industry 4.0, agriculture 4.0, Blockchain, Artificial intelligence, cryptocurrencies and robotics mean several jobs will be of no relevance at all in a few years. However, this will and has already began a new chapter of importance in technical related jobs, i.e. jobs that require more than machines.  #futurism

It is thus imperative that high school graduates choosing courses to pursue in the universities consider courses that train them for the very basics of science, business and art and a liberal education. Nonetheless, you must note that whatever your options might be, you must consider learning a programming language. Medical doctors, pharmacist, etc. must as well consider such divergent skills as programming language. #programminglanguage

The increase in Internet of Things (IoT) and AI means several prognoses will be made by computer programmers. Virtual/Mixed reality means experiencing reality in the comfort of your home, e.g. learning how to drive a car at home, or flying a plane in your room or consider the possibility of personalized teachers; 3D printing or additive manufacturing presents the possibility of printing personalized human parts (in the case of surgery, etc), printing of houses and automotive are already a reality. #willrobotstakemyjob

Still wondering what to study in the university? Consider your strengths and weaknesses and work towards staying relevant in this fast-changing technologically savvy world. I chose mathematics some years ago and I'm glad i did. For sure, one of the most high-paying jobs in the future will be gym trainers. Never mind, i will have a virtual gym instructor. :). 

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