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Graduate School Requirement: Statement of Purpose

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

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You must certainly be considering graduate studies. If this is your current situation then kindly read my previous article on graduate requirements found here.

The Statement of Purpose (SOP) also referred to as  Motivation letter, Cover letter, Application essay) required by all graduate schools is obviously one of the pivotal things in your application.

SOP cannot be written in a day and requires tactical planning and ideas. Virtually all graduate school applicants, when they write their first statement of purpose, will get it wrong. Remember, once you've decided to pursue a graduate studies, the duty lies on you to be diligent and spend time to read some pertinent information concerning your application online.

The aim of the SOP is not to serve as a guide to your Curriculum Vitae (CV). What many graduates schools are seeking for can be categorized into four questions:  What you want to study at graduate school?Why you want to study it?What experience you have in your field?What you plan to do with your degree once you have it? Your SOP should be very unique and distinctive from the numerous ones the academic committees or potential supervisor will be reading. It should be not be boring and not overloaded with unnecessary details of your ability to be a team player, your medals in sports,etc.

There are great websites that give good direction on writing SOPs. Do take a look at these e.g Princeton Review, MIT Guidelines, etc. These are valuable materials to help you in the preparation of a SOP.

Finally, once you have written your SOP, let some friends, Professors or seniors assist you by proof-reading and honing your easy. This final part is very essential as it breathes other ideas into your essay.

Click to see a sample Statement of Purpose.

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