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Google Scholar is good for you.

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

Google Scholar is one of the research tools that researchers or PhD students often overlook. Google Scholar unlike other search engines such as,etc. indexes scholarly, peer-reviewed academic papers and articles.

These are usually materials one won't easily find through Google's popular search engine; or Yahoo. To make the search further easier, researchers/students can create Google Scholar alerts. These alerts notify you whenever new materials related to your search queries appear on Google Scholar. 

Following the next steps, will get you your personalized Google Scholar account.

How to create a Google Scholar Alerts. 1. Log into your Google account. 2. Go to the Google Scholar page. 3. Click  "Alerts". 4. Click "Create Alerts". 5. Enter Alert query e.g. "Partial Differential Equations". 6. Verify your email address. 6. Click "Create Alert".

It is also possible to improve your Google Scholar account to track citation indexes of your work. This will usually require a working email account of your current institution. Google does this avoid scams.

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