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Brief Preparation for Graduate School

Daunting task of preparing for graduate school.

Didaskaleinophobia - The fear (Graduate) school.

After graduating from the University, many students who want to pursue graduate studies are usually bereft of the details that almost all universities seek. I shall list the most vital requirements for graduate school applications and in a subsequent post proceed with a brief guideline. Application to graduate schools abroad if done appropriately can help you achieve your desired aim of a quality education and international experience. This is an elaborate task and must be done with utmost diligence. [ Please note: One must not be inundated with ideas of graduate studies if your sole aim is for the international experience. ]

North America Most universities in North America require students to write GRE and TOEFL. This usually means students with TOEFL and GRE scores have a greater chance of securing scholarships for their graduate studies. Nonetheless, there's a good proportion of universities which do not have these requirements.

Europe and Asia In many European and Asian countries specifically central of Europe and China, an English proficiency is usually enough. In recent times, many universities in Europe and China offer graduate studies in English.

Requirement: 1. Statement of Purpose / Motivation Letter 2. Curriculum Vitae (CV) 3. Transcripts 4. Course description (e.g. Maths for Economics - calculus, models,etc) 5. Referees (2-3)

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